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Keri Saul

Yoga is the constant practice of uniting.  Yoga guides us to unite our minds with stillness and our breathe with movement.  Yoga unites us with our true selves and in turn unites every one of us through LOVE and COMMUNITY.

I share from my own daily practice; riding the wave between rhythmic vinyasa and softness in the shapes.  My passion for inversions, hands on adjustments, creative transitions and groovy playlists are clear in my teachings.  I thread yoga philosophy, mudra, mantra and poetry into my offering.  I value the process of self discovery and progression, and I bow to the seeker that lives in the heart of all of us.  I will guide you to the edge and allow you to meet yourself right there with love and gratitude.

Keri has been practicing yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2012.  She received her 200 RYT through Laughing Lotus NYC and is currently working toward her 500 RYT.  Keri is forever grateful to all the beautiful teachers and mentors she has studied with over the years specifically; Dana Flynn, Mary Dana Abbott, Francesca Bove, Ali Cramer, Lauren Magarelli and Sheri Cellantano.

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